• Course Construction Report


    Good weather for ducks and drains!
    The wettest weather in decades is proving to be a great helper in the work to overhaul the drainage system around the course.  The super high volume of water flowing away from the course along the boundary ditches, is a sure sign that the drains are back in working order.

    Pitchmark repair campaign
    Given the wet conditions, there has been an increase in pitch mark damage to the greens in recent weeks.  An unrepaired pitch mark can take months to recover.  So, we ask all members to please carry a pitch mark repair tool, keep your eyes peeled for pitch marks and repair them.

    Rough Management Programme
    The heavy rough that was cut back for the first time last Autumn, has begun to green up and will get another close shave as soon as the turf is dry enough to safely accomodate the heavy machinery.

    New standard for bunkers
    The Course Development Sub-Committee is defining a new standard for the presentation of all greenside bunkers. Bunker swill be restored as close as possible to their original size and shape using the natural contours of the land. They will collect into a level base of sand of uniform depth, surrounded entirely by a revetted turf wall.

    Erosion by the wild Atlantic weather conditions at Ceann Sibéal, means that a revetted bunker has a life cycle of just 3 to 4 years before it needs to be re-built.  A more sustainable Ecobunker option with a life expectancy of 20 years, is now available. Ecobunkers have already been installed in many other high-ranking Links courses including: Tralee, Rosses Point and Rosslare Golf Clubs.

    The Management Committee has approved a pilot programme of  5 Ecobunkers to be built at Ceann Sibéal this Spring. All going well, the plan is to re-build all greenside bunkers to the same high standard over the next couple of seasons.

    Pathway improvements
    The gritty pathways throughout the course will be widened and converted to grass, where possible. This work has begun at the 1st and 14th greens and we appreciate your patience in using detours while the new sods take root.