• Welcome to Junior Golf at Ceann Sibeal
  • We cater for young players aged 8 and upwards from complete beginner to accomplished player.

    We want all Juniors to enjoy playing plenty of golf and competing in as many competitions as possible. We teach our Junior members how to:

    • play by the rules of golf,
    • be safe on the golf course,
    • show courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, no matter how competitive they may be - this is the spirit of golf.
  • Junior Membership Categories

    There are four categories of Juniors in Ceann Sibéal based on age, golf ability, knowledge of the rules of golf and behaviour.

  • Freshers

    Freshers are our youngest Junior members. They are aged 10 or under and are learning the rules of golf for the first time. Activities for freshers will mainly take place at the Gorta Dubha practice ground and will focus on learning basic golf skills and safety rules. Freshers will be given the maximum handicap of 54 so they can play in supervised Junior golf competitions.

  • Category A

    Juniors are generally aged 11 to 13, and have handicaps of 54 or less off the Red or Yellow tees. They know how to behave safely and fairly on the course, and have a basic understanding of the rules of golf. They are allowed to play in unsupervised Junior competitions.

  • Category B

    Juniors are generally aged 13 or older and must have a handicap of 28 or less for boys and 36 or less for girl. They will either have been a Category A Junior for a full year or have played in at least 10 Junior competitions or similar golfing history in another club.

  • Category C

    Juniors are aged 16 or older and must have a handicap of equal to or less than, 28 for boys and 36 for girls, and be playing in competitions off the White tees for boys, or Red tees for girls. They will have been a Category B Junior for a full year, or have

  • Junior Golf Spring 2018

    Galf na Sóisear :  

    • Beidh an Séasúr ag tosnú dos na Sóisir Óga ar an 14ú Bealtaine @6.00i.n. ar an Láthair Cleachtadh ar na Gorta Dubha.
    • Leanaí 8-12 bl. atá i gceist – daoine nár imir fós agus iad siúd a thosnaigh anuraidh –roinnfear ansan iad de réir cumais galf.
    • Sraith de 3 cheacht ar dtús agus éinne go bhfuil suim acu ballraíocht a thógaint amach – beidh táille ana réasúnta i gceist den chuid eile den mbliain.
    • Beidh ócáid imeartha gach seachtain ar lá a oirfidh.
    • Beidh Sóisir níos sine >12 ag teacht le chéile sa Chlubtheach @6.00i.n.ar an 14ú Bealtaine –imreoidh siad cúpla poll le Fionnán agus beidh ceacht acu @7.00 i.n.
    • Beidh an t-eolas seo ar fáil ar Chlár na bhFógraí sa Chlubtheach.

    Junior Golf

    • The season will be starting for the Young Juniors on the 14th May @6.00p.m.in the Practice Ground at Gorta Dubha
    • Children from 8 -12 yrs. – those who have never played and those who started last year. They will then be divided according to golf ability
    • It will be a series of 3 lessons initially and anyone who is interested can avail of a very reasonable membership for the remaining of the year
    • There will be a weekly event on a day which suits the majority
    • The Older Juniors >12yrs. will convene at the Clubhouse on the 14th May @ 6.00p.m. –they will play a few holes with Fionnán and then will have a skills lesson on the Practice Ground at 7.00p.m.
    • Notice of this planned Programme will be posted on the Junior Notice Board. Call Steve in the office for booking: 066 915 6255
  • Junior Golf is organised by our Junior Committee.
    NameContact No.Email
    Muiríde UíChruadhlaoich0877708686muiride15@gmail.com
    Fionnán Ó hOgáin 0872518174
    Eibhlin Ní Shéaghdha 0872821095 Eibhlin13@gmail.com
  • Munster Golf Players & Parents Guidelines

    Munster Golf Players & Parents Guidelines

    Download PDF

  • Child Protection in Ceann Sibéal

    Ceann Sibéal Golf Club is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of their members and in particular our young golfers. The Club has developed a Code of Ethics for Golf for Young People which includes policies, guidelines and codes of conduct for all involved in Junior golf.

    • All members of the Junior Committee have signed-up to a code of conduct and have been Garda vetted.
    • All volunteers will be taken through the Club’s code of ethics and will be required to sign-up to a code of conduct.
    • and finally, all Junior members and parents are also required to sign-up to a code of conduct. Detailed information on the Club’s Code of Ethics can be obtained from anyone on the Junior Committee.

    Detailed information on the Club’s Code of Ethics can be obtained from anyone on the Junior Committee.