Playing During Coronavirus

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Galf Chumann Ceann SibéalBaile Uachtarach, Baile an Fheirtéaraigh, Co. Ciarraí 

1.Time Sheet 

The BRS daily time-sheet should be printed before play commences each day and used as the basis for starting each game. 

Ensure that the players first presenting for play those whose names are recorded on the BRS.  Any person present whose name is not among those recorded should be asked to leave the club property. 

A note should be made of the time of occurrence of the refusal incident and a report made to the Secretary / Manager 

2.Golf Shoes and Playing Golf 

  • The change of shoes should take place before departing from home or in the Club car-park.  Play should commence on time in accordance with slot allocated and recorded on BRS. 
  • Each game should be played at a reasonable pace with players ensuring that they keep no more than a safe playing distance behind the game in front.  All games, including in particular the first on the time sheet, should maintain a steady pace so as to ensure that the overall play for the day is safe for everybody on the BRS sheet and slow play is avoided. 
  • Flag poles will be removed from all the greens and the marshal will inform players of the holes locations before they commence play. 

3.Social Distancing 

  • The Department of Health guideline of 2 metres should be adhered to and the marshal should remind players accordingly before commence of play.  Players are asked to ensure that while playing golf they not engage with Staff in a manner inconsistent with Social Distancing guidelines. 
  • Having completed the round of golf, players should, once shoes have been changed, depart the Club unless meals from David O’Connor’s take-away service have been previously ordered.  A telephone call to David (087 4131189) from the 9th or 18th tee-boxes are permissible.  There should be no other delay in departing the Clubhouse. 

4.General Precautions 

To protect the health and welfare of our Staff, players are requested to avoid leaving material on the Course, such as bottles, drink cans, food wrappers, cigarette butts etc. and furthermore to avoid spitting saliva.   


A light handed and courteous approach to everybody should be always evident. 

By Order of the Management Committee 

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