Return to Play May 2020

Galf Chumann Ceann Sibéal, Baile Uachtarach, Baile an Fheirtéaraigh, Co. Ciarraí

1.         Booking a Tee Time

As a measure of the Club’s commitment to preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus, members who are resident outside the legally permitted radial distance from Ceann Sibéal are requested not to seek a tee time slot while travel restrictions remain in place.  Breaches of the travel guideline may result in an extension or re-imposition of restrictions while will affect all of us.  On the other hand, strict observance may assist in an earlier than announced further relaxation.

The time-sheet will be opened for live bookings in blocks of 3 days each.   During the first 2 weeks of Phase I and until demand, based on use, can be measured members should not put their names down for more than 3 games.  The time-sheet will close each afternoon at 17.00 for the following day’s play. 

2.         Tee Time

            All players must book their playing slots through the BRS and be ready to tee-off on time having arrived at the Club not more than 15 minutes before their allotted time.  Booking a tee time may only be made by or for a member whose name is on the current BRS register.  Any person experiencing the presence of symptoms of Covid-19 should not enter his or her name

If a tee time, having been booked, is not taken at the allotted time, future booking may be restricted or refused.  The use of the BRS record will facilitate contract tracing in the event that any player should be subsequently diagnosed with Covid-19 infection.

            The marshal will instruct on commencement of golf. 

3.         Clubhouse, Course and Social Distancing

            Other than the ladies’ and gent’s toilets and the shop, the Clubhouse will be closed.  David O’Connor (087 413 1189) will provide an order by telephone and take-away service on appointed days and his directions should be followed when collecting the food (which is not to be consumed on Club property).

            A minimum distance of not less than 2 metres between all persons should be observed at all times while on the Club property (including the practice ground).  Players are asked to respect prompts from Club marshals when reminded of social distancing guidelines. If a marshal sees a group of players not observing social distancing he or she (as well as the Secretary / Manager) have been instructed to require all members of that group to immediately leave Club property, irrespective of where they are.  The Secretary / Manager is to report such breaches to the Management Committee who may treat it as a Club disciplinary matter.

            Players are reminded that Ceann Sibéal is the workplace of our hardworking Staff who have had to labour under difficult conditions in maintaining the consistently high standard of facilities we enjoy.  Breaches of social distancing guidelines may affect not only the health of Staff but their jobs also.

            Players are also reminded that travel to and from the Club should be in a manner consistent with social distancing guidelines.

4.         Golf Equipment

            Players are asked to ensure that their equipment has been appropriately sanitized prior to their attending Ceann Sibéal – golf bags, club shafts, caddy car handles.  Golf balls may be sanitized by their immersion on warm soapy water for a period of minutes.  Exchanges of equipment should not take place between players, such as picking up or handling each other’s golf clubs, markers or golf balls etc.  Ball washing stations have been removed from the Course.

5.         Practice Green – not than 3 people at any one time.  Flags will be removed and practice should use a tee as target.

Practice Nets – closed during Phase I.

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